Driver Training

  • Need a D1 licence?
  • Passed your test after 1997?
  • Driving Commercially?
  • Outdoors Instructor?
  • Volunteer for Community Work?

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We can offer advice and information free of charge – if you want practical training, only then do you have to pay! For drivers who already have the D1 licence we can offer independent assessment of your ability to handle minibuses safely, and avoid injury, damage, costly insurance claims and premium increases. The licensing of minibus drivers can appear very complicated, what with pre ’97 Grandfather Rights, Post ’97 restrictions and exemptions, as well as code 101 licence restrictions. It’s not unusual for enquiries to come in from people who simply need clarification of what’s actually legally needed, and which of the D1 modules would need to be completed for their specific use of a minibus.

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We offer practical training courses for both Minibus Tests and Minibus and Trailer Tests. Usually a 20 hour course is sufficient with a Driving Test conducted be a DSA examiner at the end of the course. Course start times are scheduled so that you’ll be able to fit in around your work commitments and DSA test slots. If your commitments mean having to start the course at the weekend we can usually accommodate this.

To start you’ll need: Forms D2 and D4. -That’s the Medical Form and the D1 Provisional Application Form. You can order a D2 Pack online at the directgov website, or you can call the DVLA on 0300 790 6801 Dial options 3, 5, 1, 1, 1 for paper licence holders or 2 for photocard holders and they will post these out to you. You can then arrange a medical through your own doctor or alternatively contact Abermed on 0141 551 3640. They will be able to arrange an appointment very quickly at their Glasgow Offices and at approximately £54.00, are around half the cost of your own GP. Send the completed D2 and D4 off to the DVLA and wait for you new D1 provisional to arrive.

During the wait you would be advised to start preparing for Module 1 of the Driving Test. This means studying for the theory test and practising for the Hazard Perception Test. The combined test fees for these are £50.00. Studying methods could include the using DSA PCV Theory Test Book, discs for your PC or downloading an App. When you have passed Module 1 you’ll be ready to start the practical (Module 3) part.

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If you need the full PCV qualification, don’t worry. It’s possible to upgrade to PCV standard by taking Modules 2 (Case Studies Test) and Modules 4 (Practical Demonstration Test) at any time after passing Module 1. We charge £550.00 for our standard course with the £115.00 DSA Test Fee as the only additional outlay. The minibus and trailer test, known as D1+E costs are the same as for D1, but you must already have done D1. The licence for this acts as provisional for the trailer test. There is no additional theory test.

We use 16 seat minibuses with car-like controls and handling. For trailer tests we use an Ifor Williams Trailer which is ideally suited to the length and weight of our buses to make the reverse manoeuvre as straightforward as possible. As of 15/11/13 trailers used for tests must have a load of 600kg on board to simulate “real life.” We will shortly be able to offer vehicle category C1 training using an Iveco 4.5 ton van. This has car-like controls, and the simple braking and handling characteristics of Ford Transit sized vehicles.

We are located in Stevenston, Ayrshire and usually book tests at Kilmarnock LGV Test Centre. We have our own off road manoeuvring area, laid out just like the actual test centre for candidates to practise reversing to the required standard. The precise location of our training centre is: Building 10, Unit 15, Stevenston Industrial Estate, Ardeer, Stevenston KA20 3LR. We can arrange to meet candidates travelling from Glasgow, near the M77 at Fenwick, only 20 minutes from Glasgow or you are welcome to come direct to the training centre and start the day with a tea or coffee.

If after reading this you need further information, you are very welcome to call and speak to us directly. The proprietor of Atlas Minibus is William Taylor who has been involved in the driver training industry since 1988 as a qualified driving instructor. (Most recent check test at Grade 5). He holds full PCV and LGV licences for rigid and articulated vehicles.